Finished Project – Peckham

We recently completed our latest project with South London-based A Small Studio. Blue was appointed last June to produce an engineering scheme for this single-storey rear extension in Peckham. The project also included some internal remodelling and an oriel window seat.

Finished project – Shakespeare Road

We are pleased to share photos of one of our recently completely projects, the residential refurb of a Victorian property in Poets’ Corner in Herne Hill with Darren Oldfield Architects. Head over to our projects page for some more information, or to our Facebook page for full project images.

Blue at Tate Modern

We are pleased to say that our work is now at Tate Modern! We have worked on a sculptural installation created by Russian artist Erik Bulatov to celebrate the centenary of the Russian revolution.

We were brought onboard for this public art commission by A-Political. The letters were fabricated in a foundry in France that Bulatov has worked with on a number of occasions to create these arresting statements. We checked the site to ensure the existing basement beneath did not become over loaded and advised on how the letters could resist wind and crowd loading.

The sculpture, titled ‘ВПЕРЕД’, shows the word ‘Forward’ spelt out four times in Cyrillic letters. If you head to Tate Modern, look out for the sculpture in front of Switch House. You can’t miss it, each letter is ten feet tall!


Finished Project – Acute Intervention

Our latest project with David Stanley Architects was recently completed. John Ruskin Street is a beautiful refurbished Victorian family home designed to offer a more open Living, Cooking and Eating experience.

Structurally, this was a complicated project involving cantilevers, recessed steelwork armatures to support the roof, lots of glass and a multi-pitched roof, which made it all the more interesting to work on.

We’re very pleased with the result, which showcases how to use shape and structure as integral design elements.

Photo by Adelina Iliev Photography


Finished Project – Elphinstone Street

Our latest project with Inter Urban Studios is finished. This project had a lovely external cantilever detail, which you can see in the top two photos. Internally, the steel fins that support the glazing run into the main steelwork. It’s great to see the structural details being highlighted and not hidden!