Sustainability at Blue 2022

December 15, 2021
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Sustainability at Blue 2022

Written by Lili Brown

To show our appreciation for working with you this year we have chosen to partner with One Tree Planted (, one of the most effective reforestation charities on the planet having planted over forty million trees.

With this company, we are planting five trees for every project we worked on in 2021; that’s just over 2,500 trees!

The impact of structural engineering on the construction industry is significant, and how we go about our work can have large effects on the environment. Blue Engineering is becoming more purposeful in the actions taken to reduce the negative impact. The team has been working behind the scenes to gain a better understanding of how we operate and what we can do to change our environmental impact. From early 2022, you will begin to see the fruits of this work.

We will begin by changing the information which goes on our drawings and adding the total Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e) of the specified steelwork to the drawing packs. This way, through transparency, the whole design team can learn to understand these numbers, make better-informed decisions and, therefore, take ownership of the environmental problems we face. Through further development, we will cover many more structural components and materials that are specified.

We are also undertaking reviews of the foundation strategies to learn which is best and provide guidance on what costs these changes might have for the client. There is currently scope for reducing our environmental impact, at the same time as reducing construction costs by using innovative techniques.

Some of our clients have begun asking questions about this subject, and it is great to hear. If you have any ideas or thoughts surrounding sustainability, either specific to a project or more general, please email your engineer who will feed it back to the Sustainability Group we have set up.

Thank you for supporting Blue over 2021, and we look forward to working with you in 2022.

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