RoominaRoom is one of our most striking projects, done in collaboration with Atmos Studio.

The clients for this small residential jewel had an expanding family, but fixed walls. Since they couldn’t expand upwards or outwards, the design had to be built inwards, leading to this ‘room within a room’.

The organic form was generated from simple but severe planometric and sectional constraints, literally growing from its context. Its volume tucks into a corner to take up minimal square footage, yet its innards array to maximise utility and the feeling of space.

RoominaRoom was constructed from glued and screwed CNC-carved plywood sheets, each cut edge carefully profiled to soften the form of a warm, intimate, cosy domestic space where the performance of the structure and the pattern of the grain are fully expressed. A set of plywood ribs enable maximum structural performance, densifying where needed to cantilever whilst supporting a 250kg plane of acoustic glass.

RoominaRoom was shortlisted for AJ Small Projects and won a Wood Award for Best Small Project, with the judges describing it as “the extraordinary translation of a huge idea into a functional product… deliciously mad and completely refreshing”.