November 12, 2021 Pallika Sood

My Recruitment Experience with Blue as a First-Year Apprentice

Written by Eddie Bourn


In this article we will be looking at the recruitment process I experienced as a first-year apprentice, at Blue Engineering.

With different companies, you experience varied recruitment processes; for engineering these could include, one on one interviews, completing psychometric engineering-based games, or complex puzzles published in newspapers and on social media. All companies adopt a different style of recruiting to look for specific characteristics and experiences best suited for the role they offer.

The recruitment process at many large companies can feel robotic, filling out applications with very little human interaction. Once you send in your CV or complete the application it can take weeks sometimes even months to hear back with a response. This can leave you feeling insignificant and is not a positive start to a new job or career path. They don’t allow you to stand out and display any unique talents you have or represent your passion for the job role.

The recuritment process at Blue Engineering

The recruitment process at Blue is unique and allows you to represent yourself right from the start without the requirement and judgement of grades or qualifications. Your first step is to leave a 2-minute voicemail on the recruitment line. This allows you to tell the company a little about yourself and why you would like to work at Blue. Shortly after, you will receive a text message informing you of the next step of the process, which is to take a test.

The test is directly related to the job you will go on to do, so you get a feel for what would be required of you on the job, this is not something many companies do in the recruitment process. There are a few questions based on the information provided in the document, this may seem overwhelming, but all the questions can be answered with no prior knowledge or experience making Blues recruitment process fair and non-bias.

Once completed, you will receive an email informing you of your score and inviting you for a 15-minute video call discussion. During this video call, there is an informal conversation with a member of the team. You are also able to ask questions about Blue as a company and what day-to-day operations are like.

Following on from your call, if you pass this round, you move on to the interview stage. Depending on the position you are applying for, you might be invited for a group interview, which is the final stage of the recruitment process. You are able to talk to the other potential recruits and ask questions to existing team members, this is a time to see if you are a good fit for the company, it is not a judgement on your talents. As Blue operate on projects in small teams it’s key that you can get along with the others and bond with them.


To read about our recruitment process and to view our current vacancies, visit our Careers page.

Eddie's recruitment experience

I came across the structural engineering apprentice role at Blue through social media posts online. After leaving my voicemail, I received the text inviting me to take the civil engineering documentation test. It was interesting to see how the plans were drawn out with notes, and in this specific test, how floor construction is presented to the contractor. The test gave insight into what working for Blue would consist of.

Having passed the test, I received an email congratulating me on my test score and inviting me for a video interview. With both the test and the interview, Blue asks to arrange a time that best suits you. This shows their commitment to wellness for their employees. I was impressed that they would be processing many applications but still allow for you to choose a time that works for you,

During the call, I didn’t feel as if I was being interrogated or questioned, as happens in most interviews. The conversation flowed easily and covered why I chose the structural engineering path, where my inspiration for it came from and what my education experience was like. I was encouraged to ask questions also. Being able to speak with a high-level employee, in a busy company, without having to travel into London, made me feel like I mattered, which made Blue Engineering stand out compared to the other companies I had applied to.

My favourite part of the recruitment process at Blue Engineering is that it’s more than just submitting a CV, it focuses on you as an individual and how you could grow and fit in at Blue, rather than making sure you will fill an opening for a specific role. After each stage the response time is quick, so you spend less time stressing and worrying about receiving an email back.

In Summary

The recruitment process at Blue is a pleasant experience for a first-year apprentice. It is a refreshing experience compared to most other company application processes. The need for submitting grades and qualifications isn’t demanded, therefore there isn’t the feeling of being judged or even forgotten about as there is consistent communication throughout the process. 

The test is what determines whether you will go forward to be interviewed at Blue Engineering. It gives you a strong understanding of what would be expected from you in your role. The interview helps both you and the team at Blue to understand whether you fit into the company and align with the company values.


If you’d like to apply for a role with us, please visit our Careers page. See our current vacancies here.