Blue at the Design Museum

Structural Engineering is about creative problem solving and we regularly work on projects in the arts, whether directly with artists or consulting with contractors on the suitability of projects for the public realm. This sculpture for Jaguar LandRover is the latest example.

‘Reductionism’ is a sculpture of an automotive speed form, a model that is created as part of the design process when developing a new car. It’s a representation of the car in its purest form, a vehicle reduced to its essence, which allows designers to study a car’s basic shape, proportions and sense of movement .

Blue Engineering consulted on the sculpture’s suitability for public display at the Design Museum in London, to ensure the structural integrity of an exhibit that was seen by thousands of visitors over the course of the London Design Festival.

Blue at Tate Modern

We are pleased to say that our work is now at Tate Modern! We have worked on a sculptural installation created by Russian artist Erik Bulatov to celebrate the centenary of the Russian revolution.

We were brought onboard for this public art commission by A-Political. The letters were fabricated in a foundry in France that Bulatov has worked with on a number of occasions to create these arresting statements. We checked the site to ensure the existing basement beneath did not become over loaded and advised on how the letters could resist wind and crowd loading.

The sculpture, titled ‘ВПЕРЕД’, shows the word ‘Forward’ spelt out four times in Cyrillic letters. If you head to Tate Modern, look out for the sculpture in front of Switch House. You can’t miss it, each letter is ten feet tall!